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Zupe is a musician and vocalist who has been entertaining audiences, of all ages, for more than two decades.  In his act, he bemusedly explains how “corporate downsizing” forced him to eliminate the other musicians in his band, leaving him alone with his computers and keyboards.  But if one were to listen to Zupe while blind-folded, one would find it hard to believe that only one musician was onstage.  In fact, he pulls off the “whole band effect” so successfully, many people mistaken Zupe for a deejay or karaoke.


As far as the music goes, Zupe plays anything danceable, from Sinatra to Santana, Pic of Zupe at Bellefonte on ats.zupe.netand everything in between.  People simply cannot resist the urge to dance when Zupe takes the stage.  His audiences range from teenagers at the local coffee shop to residents at area retirement homes.  And everyone leaves with a smile!  Zupe is most proud of the fact that every venue he has played has asked him back again.


He’s an entertainer who understands his audience.  A musician who has combined his computer knowledge and synthesizer prowess with his innate talent to give an extraordinarily unique performance.  An excellent showman, musician, and vocalist who truly loves his audience ... This is Zupe!

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